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Reminder: I'd posted a self-documenting Markdown reference a year or so back.

For those new to Diaspora or related platforms.

Eine Frage an !Friendica Support

Hallo Zusammen,

ich nutze ja als ehemaliger Diaspora Benutzer zur Erstellung meiner Beiträge das freundlicherweise von @Michael Vogel hin gebogene Markdown Addon. Das funktioniert auch soweit auch sehr gut. Nur hatte ich eben damit ein kleines Problem mit horizontalen Linien. Ich wollte etwas in der Form schreiben:

bla blub bla blub bla blub bla blub bla blub bla blub bla

**Info:** bla blub bla blub bla blub bla blubbla blub bla blub bla 

**Tags:** #bla #blub #bla #blub #bla #blub

Sprich ich wollte über und unter dem Info eine horizontale Linie. Gemacht hat der Markdown Pharser aber folgendes aus meinen Beitrag:

Sprich aus den drei mal Minus die normalerweise eine horizontale Linie ergeben sollten, wurde ein h2 BB-Code. Verwendet man z. B. fünf Minuszeichen kommt das Selbe dabei heraus.

Ich nehme an das ist ein Fehler im Addon, aber das ist ja noch äußerst experimentell, hat aber bisher sehr gut funktioniert.

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Frage | Ist bei Friendica auf absehbarer Zeit Markdown Support geplant?

Frage an !Friendica Support:

Eine kurze Frage. Ist für Diaspora auf absehbare Zeit Support für Markdown geplant? Ich frage deshalb weil ich zwar auch BB-Code recht flott schreiben kann, aber Markdown doch wesentlich flüssiger von der Hand geht.

Tags: #de #frage #info #friendica #markdown #2019-12-25
Any Markdown / Pandoc mavens know how to tweak the HTML DOM generated for HTML pages?

I'm looking at one for an article which doesn't seem to generate


article> or elements, though if it did either, would make some layout / CSS issues a lot easier to deal with.

Problem now is that when I set additional margins within <blockquote> segements, they don't really or consistently differ from the adjacent <br> elements. I have a sad.

The CSS I'm using, in part (and yes, I can share the full stylesheet, though this seems to be the operative code):
body { 
  margin: 1rem auto; 
  max-width: 90rem; 
  padding: 0 4rem 0.5rem; 
  width: auto; 
  font-size: 1rem; 
  line-height: 1.4; 

blockquote { 
    margin-left: 8em; 
    margin-right: 6em; 

article, p, ol, ul, li, div { 
    width: auto; 
    max-width: 45rem; 
    margin: 0 auto; 
    line-height: 1.4; 

p { 
    margin: 1em auto; 

What happens is that the blockquote margins are acting against the full page width, and push the blockquote block back and forth across the full page, rather than constraining it within the region bounded by the <br> blocks. Given that the blockquotes aren't within the <br> blocks, that makes sense, but it's not the effect I want.

I'd also like to preserve the option to be able to set elements (images, sidenotes, callouts) within the left or right margins.

I'm thinking that changing the DOM to include an article element would make that easier, as I could set the width of the article or main elements.

Present DOM:

* html
* head
* body
* header
* nav
* p
* blockquote
* p
* body /
* html /

That would better be:

* html
* head
* body
* header
* nav
* article
* p
* blockquote
* p
* article /
* body /
* html /

("element /" is being used for closing tags)

Looking at HTML5 semantic elements:

* \<section>
* \<nav>
* \<article>
* \<aside>
* \<hgroup>
* \<header>
* \<footer>
* \<time>
* \<mark>

... "article" is what I'm looking for.o

Though ... Dive in to HTML5 doesn't use these: <view-source:>

But yeah: if I could shim an <article> tag in there, I think I'd be happier.

And yes, I can (and probably will) CodePen this in a bit.

#pandoc #markdown #html #css

Markdown Quick Reference

There are some fun things you can do with Markdown formatting.

Feature Markdown Example
italic _italic_ italic
bold **bold** bold
strikethrough ~~strikethrough~~ ~~strikethrough~~
superscript ^superscript^ ^superscript^
subscript ~subscript~ ~subscript~
links [Description]( Description
bare links <>
code `Y29kZQ==` Y29kZQ==
escape \*escape\* *escape*
There are also:

Unordered lists:

* Foo
* Bar
* Baz
* Quz
* Foo 
* Bar 
  \* Baz 
    \* Quz

Ordered lists:
  • Foo
  • Bar
    • Baz
      • Quz
1. Foo 
1. Bar 
   1. Baz 
      1. Quz


Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6
# Header 1 
## Header 2 
### Header 3 
#### Header 4 
##### Header 5 
###### Header 6

Headers also:

Header 1

Header 2

Header 1 

Header 2 

This is a blockquoted text passage.
You can nest your blockquotes.

Or unnest them again.
> This is a blockquoted text passage. 
>> You can nest your blockquotes. 
> Or unnest them again.

To product a code block, as above:
> This is a blockquoted text passage. 
>> You can nest your blockquotes. 
> Or unnest them again. 

Or indent four spaces:

Normal text
Code block
Normal text 

    Code block

Horizontal rule:


![Dummy text]([url=][/url])

|:- |:- |:- | 
|italic| `_italic_`| _italic_ | 
|bold| `**bold**` | **bold** | 
|strikethrough| `~~strikethrough~~` | ~~strikethrough~~ | 
|superscript| `^superscript^`| ^superscript^ | 
|links| `[Description]([url=][/url])`|[Description]([url=][/url])| 

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For the Newbies: Markdown Quick Reference

My most popular Diaspora post to date has been my Markdown Quick Reference, which shows both the raw and formatted text for various Markdown features.

New arrivals from #GooglePlus and elsewhere may appreciate this.

(Posted as a link as I cannot reshare my own posts.)

#Markdown #Tips


#wiki #wikijs #nodejs #markdown


Build html, pdf (via latex) and epub files from md files
ct.2018.07 S.168

atom markdown preview:

#pandoc #markdown #md #html #epub #pdf #atom #ct201807 #ct
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