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I have a question regarding moderation of the networks. I read an in depth article about someone who worked as a moderator for facebook. It's in Dutch but I'll link it anyway. It told about all the horrible content that is moderated by facebook. It's about how facebook treats their employees who see horrific videos I don't even want to describe to you. But some things should not be seen by anyone ever. Period.
I wonder how the federation deals with such things. I know podmins can block an individual user or a pod, is that correct?
But are there ways in which podmins communicate with each other about such things? To notify others of accounts/pods that try to spread horrible content?
I know many in the federation are heavily focused on free speech, but if I decide to host a pod in the future, I do not want to allow my members to be subjected to horrible things (if you don't like that, then don't register on my pod ;-) ). I think it would be very handy if people can warn each other about specific accounts/pods. At the same time, there's the issue that keeping a public list can act as a way for horrible people to find each other and it could be abused.
How does the federation deal with such things? Do we just assume pods like that will not infiltrate the bigger network because any pod with an even remotely human podmin will ban them? (Is that really a solution? Because: how many podmins will have to see such content first?) And how about fringe cases, like hate speech, with or without direct calls for violence? Or even more into the realm where many people think we ought to let it go: obviously fake news?
For the record, I do not care as passionately about making sure people don't see fake news as I care about making sure people don't see these things that make me reconsider my stance on the dealth penalty, but I would still prefer not to be subjected to it and not help it spread through my account or pod.

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