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Theming4Friendica Forum

I created the "Theming4Friendica" Forum as a place where people can discuss the themes, bring in new ideas, announce the development of new themes and colorings of existing themes and everything all around theming.

Please join in, even if you are only interested to read about it.
I will be very happy to welcome you there 🌻😎

@Friendica Support @Friendica Admins @Theming4Friendica
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Hi everyone! Could someone please explain how to create such a group as promoted on the #Friendica website? !Friendica Support !Nerdica Forum
When I try to follow a lost password link I get a HTTP 500 error on my server. I am on the latest stable release.

Can anyone try if you have the same problem?

I won't change the PW, just send you a link to reset the PW, so no harm there. When I click the link I get a HTTP500 error.

!Friendica Support #Friendica
¿ Es un #bug de #friendica o de #gnusocial ?

Cuando intento añadir un nuevo usuario de la red GNUSocial me aparece como si fuera un #RSS con el siguiente enlace


¿ Donde esta el problema ?


¿ Is it a bug of friendica or gnusocial ?

When I try to add a new user of the GNUSocial network it appears to me as if it were a #RSS with the following link


¿ Where is the problem ?


CC: !Friendica Support

Easy to Use & Powerful Wysiwyg BBcode editor

Saw this post and maybe this is something we could integrate ?

Es gibt einen schönen BBCode Editor.

Sieht klein und übersichtlich aus. Das wäre ein schönes Feature für #Friendica. Nur leider habe ich keine Ahnung, wie man so etwas integrieren kann.

!Friendica Developers

Good2Know - Forum internal / external link

Learned yesterday and I thought you like to know that too ;)

The Forum widget contains 2 types of links.

  • The Icon contains the link to the friendica node that is hosting the forum
  • The written name of the forum is the link to your home friendica node

#Friendica #Hackathon #Tip #Tipp #Berlin #WeAreFamily

!Friendica Support
A great function for #Friendica or some addon would be to replace links in posts automatically with urls that are more protective of privacy.

Replace all links with links to, this is a pure replacement and will actually result in the same embedding.
So this becomes this and the embedding still works.

There is other services like that, I don't remember the #YouTube thing at them moment.

!Friendica Support #Twitter
Why does loading pictures in #Friendica put (so much) load on the database or webserver (not sure which actually, but the CPU peaks on several cores when I open a picture folder in Friendica for example), when this is only delivering data from the pictures folder of Friendica?
!Friendica Support
Two questions:

1. Is it possible to update from #Friendica 2018.05 to latest stable directly? Wasn't there a change of the configuration file since then?
2. What does one need to do in order to switch to git for an installation to improve the ease of updates?

!Friendica Support
Amateur-like code is hard to maintain and looks very unprofessional. Plus it is a total mess of "randomly" thrown together code. It is in my opinion a good (but hard) choice to move away from amateur-stylish code to professional. Yet still I would recommend against dependency-injection as I still have horrible nightmares from #Laravel I had to deal with at work. Does your $favoriteIDEhas auto-completion? Great! But it won't work without a special Laravel-only plugin. If your IDE doesn't provide some, you are doomed or have to forcibly switch to another IDE (which workmates recommended me but I rejected it). If you work with direct implementations, means really written code, you are better of with it because the auto-complete functionality can find all references and can aid you a lot in completing code.

I do this for example with my #Java projects. They are written in #JSF and #JPA where SQL queries are reduced to a needed minimum, the rest is cached on both containers, EJB and web container.

Anyway. I might one day no longer help #Friendica if you move into that direction where my IDE cannot find those dependencies (and cannot auto-complete code where then I have to remember it). Not because I don't understand OOP/OOD. No, I really like that over procedural or amateur-stylish code. But please no dependency-injection that doesn't work on all IDEs likewise (mine is #NetBeans ).
There is no way to mirror a #Twitter account in #Friendica for Twitter accounts that you don't own and if you just want to mirror the text and photo from that account?

Tipps how to do this?

!Friendica Support
Would it be possible to exempt reshares in #Friendica from beeiing posted to #Twitter. Reshares look ugly on #Twitter.

!Friendica Support
@Tobias @Santana Moin!
sind aber auch sehr viele Menüpunkte

Es wäre wirklich toll in Friendica/Optionen eine Suchfunktion einzubauen. Ich such mir auch jedesmal 'nen Wolf... #Friendica Suggest
Wasn't the item table the one that stored the pictures before? Why is it still so big when the pictures are move to that HDD?

| table_name                | SIZE_MB |
| item                      | 5286.30 |
| item-content              | 2366.86 |
| term                      | 1399.72 |
| item-uri                  |  901.89 |
| conversation              |  431.17 |
| thread                    |  410.67 |

#friendica !Friendica Support
I can't find the place where I can set the user defined #Friendica client, can someone point me in the right direction?
!Friendica Support
We are excited to announce the #release of #Friendica 'Dalmatian Bellflower' 2019.09. Read more...
Friendica 2019.09 released

How to post to a forum?

!Friendica Support

I consulted the documentation and found that I have to use the "!" syntax to post to a forum. Is this correct?

I tried this but my previous post doesn't show up on - shouldn't it?

Actually, this is really not very intuitive in terms of #friendica #usability that you have to use a special syntax to post to a forum. Actually I'd expect a "new post" button on the forum page, as in more or less all other forums. Or did I miss something?

@d3j Mastodon contacts work fine with #Friendica, in fact most of my contacts are currently on #Mastodon.
How about a feature that allows us to flag not safe for work content and this flag is then federated to other servers?

I think that is something the #Fediverse needs, including #Friendica.

!Friendica Support
How about a feature that allows us to flag not safe for work content and this flag is then federated to other servers?

I think that is something the #Fediverse needs, including #Friendica.

!Friendica Support
Hola @juan santiago

Te explico UN procedimiento para que puedas usar #friendica como espejo de tu cuenta #gnusocial y asi solo necesitas publicar en una sola cuenta.

Cada cuenta de gnusocial tiene una direccion rss asociada, que para friendica uede servir muy bien para este objetivo.

1. Te vas a la seccion de contactos y añades el rss del contacto de gnusocial


2. Despues de darle al boton conectar, friendica te pedira confirmar

3. A continuacion esto te mostrara el resultado. Dependiendo del theme que este usando de friendica, en alguna parte te mostrara los siguientes links:
Posts and Comments


Asi entras en "avanzado" y te vas al final en donde te entregara 3 opciones en "mirror posting...":


Y solo debes escoger o "mirror as forwarding..." o "mirror as my own..."

De esta manera, cada vez que escribas un mensaje en tu cuenta de gnusocial, en tu cuenta de friendica se replicara automaticamente.

@Friendica Support Hi friends. I am a very beginner person trying to #install #friendica in a shared hosting. The only thing that I miss is that my friends from hubzilla or gnusocial cannot follow me. What would I do to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

Following via cURL?

With GNU Social there was an API endpoint that allows following users via #cURL. Is this possible with #Friendica as well?

!Friendica Support

I managed to give #Frio a special backend feature: user and admin level based custom gradients for the top bar. Looking at my impressively limited knowledge of PHP this is something a surely am quite a bit proud. ;-)

Finde the code here: #Friendica @Friendica Developers

Upgrading FontAwesome in Frio

I upgraded FontAwesome in Frio from v4.x to v5.10.1. This made quite a few changes necessary and maybe I missed out some icons. It would be good if some of you @Friendica Developers could check it out and have a look for missing/bad looking icons. Either open up an issue or just let me know here.


#Friendica #Frio #FontAwesome
I get a message that the worker didn't run for a few day in /admin, I didn't change anything, the daemon is running (I restarted it too) and I started /bin/worker.php from cli. Still I get this message.

Any ideas?

!Friendica Support #Friendica
A quick search turns up that semaphore limit might be to low, but I have no idea what is a good setting, limits are like this:
ipcs -ls

------ Semaphore Limits --------
max number of arrays = 32000
max semaphores per array = 32000
max semaphores system wide = 1024000000
max ops per semop call = 500
semaphore max value = 32767

Searches also suggest to purge the semaphores and increase the limit.

I wonder if this it the source of the problem or if the not working worker is the problem. What can I grep for in #Friendica log?

mastodon accounts stuck at "Awaiting connection acknowledge"

Hi !Friendica Developers

i try to follow some users on the #mastodon instance
Whenever i follow a contact on that instance they are stuck at "Awaiting connection acknowledge" (and not showing up anywhere, see #7526).
I did a test with my account on and following them works flawlessly, the accounts are not locked or something like this.

Seems like my #friendica instance and this particular mastodon instance don't speak the same language. ;)

Friendica: 2019.09-dev 2109-08-18
I get a message that the worker didn't run for a few day in /admin, I didn't change anything, the daemon is running (I restarted it too) and I started /bin/worker.php from cli. Still I get this message.

Any ideas?

I think the post from will take forever to be distributed, so here is another one from
!Friendica Support #Friendica @utzer
To !Friendica Support

I have litle bits problems.

For example, here I have changed my avatar on #Friendica, but in other networks ( like #mastodon ) still appears the original.

A colleague from another network changed the pseudonym, but I still see the original.

¿What's going on? ¿Can it be an error of this network, that some details are not displayed correctly?
!Friendica Developers
I plan to improve the application with #Friendica
I will use my account at @tom79
If there is some Friendica devs for helping me in that process, your help is welcome :)
When I upload a picture in a reply to a post, maybe also in a new post, it is per default only shared with me.

How can I make it inherit the permission from the post I upload it to/for?

!Friendica Support #Friendica
My own posts do not show up on /profile/utzer anymore. Anyone else having this problem with the current dev branch?

!Friendica Support #Friendica

¿Problem Sync Friendica and ActivityPub?

#question !Friendica Support !Technical Support

Are there any known synchronization problems between #mastodon and #friendica ?

I can currently send messages to #activitypub, but I'm not receiving any from there.

I've done some tests to prove it and it just isn't working properly.

At first friendica's account appeared with a lock on mastodon's account, and then I changed that condition to friendica. Can that condition have any effect on the communication?

Thank for any answer
If you like you can help us (developers, including myself, at least partly) by writing a #bug ticket then you can speed-up the bug-fixing, plus kindly ask your node administrator (if you aren't him) to upgrade #Friendica quickly. Then it won't get lost because a single developer may have overseen it.

Federation Statistic

Hello !Friendica Support,
I think there is a little problem with the /federation statistic (or Facebook ist now a member of the federation ;-) )

Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4.280 Knoten mit insgesamt registrierten Nutzern,

#friendica #bug
Happy Birthday - 9 Jahre Friendica

Vor 9 Jahren, am 1. Juli fiel der Startschuss (git push) für das großartige dezentrale soziale Netzwerk Friendica. Seither arbeiten Entwickler, Tester, Übersetzer und eine sehr tolle Community an der Weiterentwicklung dieser Plattform, deren Philosophie es unter anderem ist, mit so vielen anderen Plattformen wie möglich kommunizieren zu können.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und vielen Dank für dieses tolle Projekt und eure Arbeit. 🌻🚀🎊🎉

Happy Birthday Friendica!


Many thanks to all who have contributed, the active and the alumni! <3 No matter how big the contribution was.

!Friendica Developers

#Fediverse #Federation #Friendica #Mastodon #Hubzilla #Pleroma #GNUScial #Netxtcloud #Pixelfed #PeerTube #WriteAs #Diaspora
Maceio and XMPP support chat down

the hoster of one of my servers seems to have severe problems. A lot of servers aren't reachable.
One of the affected machines is the host of the VPS our Friendica Community Forums are running on. Unfortunately, the XMPP support chat is running on that VPS too.

I'm sorry. Stay tuned for more information.

#friendica #forum #support

Issue solved. Apparently, the VPS was running but network was down. A reboot from the VPS admin panel wasn't possible. The VM didn't respond. So I forced a shutdown. All up and running again. Phew! 😌

!Friendica Support
Halle (Saale) 

Filter our contacts publications

Hello !Friendica Support

Is there a way on #friendica to configure filters on each of your contacts, to be able to see in our "timeline" only some specific posts?
For instance, I'd like to follow one developer of a #fediverse project, but I really don't care about it's sex life. So I'd like to configure the connection to only display posts with specific hashtags.
How would you do that ?
(FYI, this feature is available in #hubzilla and it's called connfilter)

Friendica Forum node is now on 2019.06-rc

Hello !Friendica Support
I switched the forum node to the current RC branch 2019.06-rc. The update went smoothly. If you notice any problems, please report them here or on GitHub.
Thanks a lot!

#friendica #forum #releasecandidate #github #support
Halle (Saale) 
How much chocolate do I have to bear to get @Michael Vogel to implement a function in #Friendica to keep URLs of imports (or hashes of them) to ensure that the same stuff ich not imported again after some time? ;-)
!Friendica Support

Looking for an alternative to Blogger of ggl

!Friendica Support
It has been a long time now I'm looking for an alternative to #blogger, a place that is as simple to implement and use and that would allow an easy transfer of what I already built in ggl. I use it mainly to publish pictures and posts over my ceramic and some writing work. In few words, #blogging in an aesthetical though simple environment.
For a moment I though that hubzilla would be an option. Yet all these places, including Friendica and Pluspora, seem to be made for those who now but not the lamba basic user like me. So I haven't found a help file or tutorial that would help me to start up and there I am...
Therefore, I'm posting a shout, a call, a cry for #help and #advice ! :^)
1. Is #Friendica an adequate place for blogging with aesthetical theme ?
2. Would the answer to above question be positive, will allow me to do so ? (
3. If answer to question 1 is negative, what do you recommend as free blogging plateform providing similar performance to blogger ?
4. Will such plateform be compatible with Friendica and supported by the instance ?
[attachment type='link' url='http://[url=;&#91;img&#93;;/img&#93;&#91;/url&#93;' title='Blogger']Blogger[/attachment]
As you can check, I'm on #Friendica ( and I can tag all my comments as you see
You can always try #friendica on Freenode.

Please share your thoughts: Cleanup friendica header structure

!Friendica Support
I would like to gather some feedback on a #design proposal to cleanup #friendica headers. If this is the wrong forum please hint me in the correct direction, but as both developers and users read the support forum I think it's a good fit.

Below find two images a) currently b) proposal.

Things to think about:

1. let's get rid of the secondary header menu: I think two header menubars are confusing, overwhelming for new users, uncommon on other social networks (for obvious reasons) and provide littele benefit on the pro side of things.
1.1 new post could move to the left column, text should be added and the button increased - it's the most important function of a social network after all, right?
1.2 sorting: currently Commented Order, Posted Order, Personal, Starred are shown. I don't think it's a common use case to switch between those a lot. depending on what the consensus is here those options could a) be moved to the settings or b) added to the top menu as dropdown to save space and have less user facing options.
1.3 I know forums are displayed in the secondary header, that info could also be moved to the left column where it would fit quite nicely
2. comparing the design, note how much cleaner the overall layout appears. that has partly to do with the fact that the secondary header menu is poorly layouted and sticks out like a wrong UI element, this is solved by removing the second menubar.

What are your thoughts on this?


Dear @Paul Sutton , @Tobias , and all the others around. I've sent the following text and link to the newhere I follow in the languages I use (EN, FR, ES, IT):
Welcome to you and greetings from #Friendica in the Fediverse. If you're interested you may find very basic information about decentralised social network HERE
The few feedback I got, tell me it is useful to them also because it is so easy to access.
I must say that I the ratio new d* vs new Friendica is not in favor of Friendica despite we are a few ones to promote our network in FB and in G+ predominantly.
I don't have a github account and not planning to open one. Maybe because I don't understand it use.

A help for the wave of newcomers to come

!Friendica Support

Dear All,
once upon a time I've been a G+ refugee and have been so happy to be kindly welcomed in Friendica and the instance which I now reside.
Yet I spent much time in finding my way and realise after I landed on d* that Friendica was more interesting for me. So I though after @alysonsee (Fca) that putting together a sort of welcome text encompassing some basic jargon would be a good thing.
Here is the text I'm planning to provide to any newcomer I see. Let me know how to improve it keeping in mind the following criteria :
1. public is non geek lambda user
2. quick so that the user has the impression he receives the keys in an A4 page max
3. allow me to favorise #Friendica for its flexibility and connexion with the Free Network.
Decentralised & Free Social Networks

For those who are #newhere from other social networks, here’s a bit of handy vocabulary to help you navigate this new social network universe:

- Protocol - An agreed format that enables software applications to communicate with (or “federate” with) each other. The two most heavily used protocols around here are Diaspora and ActivityPub. As an end user, you don’t have to care about the protocol you are using and you don’t ever see the “protocol” other than it enables or limits which users you can see.
Nevertheless, be aware that currently not all the platforms (see this word later) are fully compatible and limit you in the possibility of interactions.

- Platform - The software application that implements a protocol(s) for federating. The Diaspora platform implements the eponymously named Diaspora protocol. Mastodon, for example, implements the ActivityPub protocol. Friendica implements both the Diaspora and the ActivityPub protocols.

- Server - pod - instance - node - The server(s) running a particular platform (software application). The variability in naming is due to the various origins of these platforms now working to intercommunicate.
For example, is one of the many pods running the Diaspora platform; is one of the many pods running the Mastodon platform; and is one of the many pods running the Friendica platform.

- The Federation - The collective of servers running platforms that implement the Diaspora protocol. This includes all servers running Diaspora (the software application), Hubzilla, Friendica, or Socialhome. The users on *any* of these pods can connect to and interact with each other.

- The Fediverse - The collective of servers running platforms that implement the ActivityPub (and OStatus) protocols. This includes all servers running Mastodon, Pixelfed, Hubzilla, Friendica, Socialhome, or many, many others. The users on *any* of these servers can connect to and interact with each other.

- The Free Network - The collective of pods in The Federation and The Fediverse, combined.

Hope that helps and doesn’t make this seem more complicated than it actually is. The main difference from other social networks is that no single entity owns and runs a platform. On G+ or Facebook, you are locked into that platform/company to talk to other users. In the Free Network, one set of volunteers writes the software and puts it out there for free, and another set of volunteers downloads the software and runs it on their servers and invites us to have user accounts for free. (But you should definitely donate to help them with the costs, if you can.) If we, as users, decide we aren’t happy with our current experience, we can change platforms or pods and still keep all of our friends/connections. On Facebook, G+, Twitter, and the like, you are locked in; and if you want leave, you go cold turkey.

Glad you joined us here in the land of choice.

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!Friendica Support

Tags in WordPress feeds will not be used as tags im #Friendica posts anymore. Why?
Question about Twitter Connector: I replied on this post:
Friendica post got mirrored to Twitter here:
Following the link in the Tweet back to Friendica throws a 404 when opening link and not being logged into friendica. This is reproducible.

To me this feels like a bug, as the friendica post is public and to my knowledge unrestricted. Does anybody have an idea, why this is not working? Is it a known problem?
#friendica #bug
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