For the Newbies: Markdown Quick Reference

My most popular Diaspora post to date has been my Markdown Quick Reference, which shows both the raw and formatted text for various Markdown features.

New arrivals from #GooglePlus and elsewhere may appreciate this.

(Posted as a link as I cannot reshare my own posts.)

#Markdown #Tips
Remark: When I create longer Post for Diaspora I use the Typora ( editor and copy & paste the markdown view. It is available for Linux, Mac & Windows.
Typora looks pretty good, I'll check it out later. Someone else mentioned SimpleNote (, which also has a mobile app, but I haven't had chance to check that out yet either.
Both apps are really good. I use Typora for WordPress posts when I'm offline (i.e. out), but the great thing about SimpleNote is that it syncs across all of your devices.
Good ^to^ ~know~
Typora is really nice, I use it as well.
On my Android tablet (together with a physical keyboard) I use Epsilon Notes, that also works nicely, even if it doesn't have WYSIWYG editing mode. It does have a nice reading mide, though, which makes it excellent for referencing.
As an update: I'd found a paper I'd been hunting for for a few years, in a really poor-quality online version. Typed out 102 pages (typewritten equivalent, double-spaced), in Markdown, with 180 footnotes. End result is a very high-quality HTML, PDF, ePub, and other available-formats document.

I :heart: Markdown.

The two elements of the original I couldn't support were one right-aligned line, and a small-caps formatted word (both in an embedded quoted letter).